Image Science Enters 27th Year of Designing State of the Art MTF Equipment

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Image Science Enters 27th Year of Designing State of the Art MTF Equipment

July 17
16:50 2019
Image Science Enters 27th Year of Designing State of the Art MTF Equipment

Chalgrove, UK – Image Science has been creating optical test equipment since 1991, and the company is now enjoying its 27th year in designing MTF equipment that produces the most accurate test results possible.

Located in Chalgrove, in Oxfordshire and found at, Image Science is committed to providing the best testing for the quality and performance of visible and infrared lenses. As an established company with a recognisable name in the industry, their ability to test optical lenses has only improved over time. The company’s products and testing services have evolved and expanded in response to the changing needs of their clients, who require more advanced uses for MTF testing.

Image Science measures a wide variety of parameters, which are outlined on their website at Their research team has had 27 years of experience, so they are able to fulfil many testing needs, including the Modulation Transfer Function, or MTF, of a lens.

The MTF measurement marks the optical performance of a lens. Image Science’s MTF testing has many different applications, whether a client needs their measurement for research or for more individualised functions such as cinematography lenses or lenses for astigmatism. No matter the application, the testing centre is able to measure any kind of imaging technology quickly and accurately.

The company’s testing applications have evolved since 1991. Some recent MTF testing applications include the measurements for the augmented reality image waveguide system, in which Image Science measured the capabilities both on-axis and its object direction. Augmented reality is a new technology that makes objects on a screen appear as they would in real life. It has a variety of applications from phone cameras to virtual reality headsets. The company has sought to keep up with such advances in technology, offering state-of-the-art lenses for a variety of research and real-life purposes.

With nearly three decades of experience in the optical testing industry, Image Science has gained a reputation as one of the foremost MTF testing companies. If a client has a system that can form an image, the company can test its MTF capabilities and accurately measure them. From simple individualised lens testing to newer technology like augmented reality, Image Science strives to develop new and innovative methods that enhance the capabilities of technology and advance the industry.

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