The Best Teenage Movies Of This Summer

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The Best Teenage Movies Of This Summer

UNITED STATES – September 15, 2020 – Whilst people on the planet are still quarantined, it is so important to keep the mood up to avoid falling into depression. And teenage movies are exactly the remedy, capable of doing so. The topics they explore are bright, not requiring too much thinking, understood to all audiences, and such films are pretty much light-headed, so they easily elevate mood.

This article explores the best teen movies of Summer-2020, which have amazing soundtracks full of vigor, giving the listeners exactly what’s needed.

The best teenage movies of Summer-2020

Kissing booth 2

This is a Netflix hit of 2020, which follows the original Kissing booth film, which was one of the most watchable pieces on Netflix. No wonder that the continuation was made. Also, in 2021, the third part is planned.

The film continues to explore such subjects as relations of adolescents given that their lives change in this age sometimes too swiftly. They’re planning to go to college, trying to keep up with their social & private lives, as well as it is necessary to handle a zillion of other things. Some rules and relations are established, while others are broken. And, beyond the inevitable clichéd broken heart in about 15-20 minutes before the end of the movie, the things eventually settle down, allowing every viewer to feel happy and cheered when things happily end.

There are over 20 pieces of music in the soundtrack to this film. And all performers are completely novice singers, which are yet unknown to wide audiences all over the world: Cayucas, The Foundations, The Cure, The Asteroids Galaxy Tour, Royal Teeth, and others.

Valley Girl

This movie explores teenage life from a somewhat gloomier perspective than Kissing Booth 2. And the main actress (Jessica Rothe, 33) is not that young already, still, she keeps acting youngsters, which she does very well. In this musical film (which is a remake of Valley Girl of 1983 with super young Nickolas Cage), viewers will be able to estimate new and very known old songs, which are performed by original singers and are covered by one of the leading actors (like ‘Take on Me’ by Josh Whitehouse). Also, it’s possible to see and hear a lot of pieces performed by Jessica Rothe herself (and it must be mentioned that Jessica copes with performing in a very well manner, opening an impressive singing talent). Let’s explore some of the covers she does:

Under Pressure (originally performed by the Queen and David Bowie). Mrs. Rothe together with partner Josh Whitehouse was able to breathe in a new life and meaning to a very well-known song

Aerobics Mash Up (screamingly young voice definitely sounds very familiar to Madonna’s)

Girls Just Want To Have Fun (remake of Cyndi Lauper’s piece of 1983). This song has been covered ever since by at least 30 artists. It was and still is considered a ‘feminist anthem’. And here it is possible to hear the original.

We Got The Beat (remake of the “Go-Go’s” of 1980, which is this rock band’s signature song and one of the most classic songs of New Wave)

Kids In America (remake of 1981 Kim Wilde’s eponymous song). It is a tranquil composition, which sounds very impressive with the soft voice of Jessica Rothe.

Palm Springs

How about finding yourself in a time loop, which lasts for so long that a person inside doesn’t even remember when it all started, what profession one was having, and other essential things? For some, it may become hell. For others, like the main male protagonist of the film, it is bliss, which never really ends (does it need to be ended?). Everything changes when a young woman gets trapped inside the loop, too. A woman disagrees with being looped and starts doing something about it.

In its soundtrack, it is possible to find many classic (as well as new) songs, such as: ‘Forever and Ever’ by Demis Roussos, ‘Oh! You Pretty Things’ by David Bowie, ‘Time After Time’ by Cyndi Lauper and others.

Enjoy the idea, enjoy the smooth music sequence, and ask yourself questions like would it be better to end in such a loop without pretty much any worries, hardships, and challenges of regular life?


This is a brand new piece of Scooby-Doo, which explores things from the very beginning: how the two met, how they made friends with their other teammates, and how they started to solve mysteries. For admirers of this dog and Co, this new animated movie will be to the liking.

In the soundtrack, there are several pieces from well-known singers (‘California Love’ by 2pac, ‘On Me’ by Thomas Rhett, and ‘Without You’ by Avicii) and many new names like Rico Nasty, Token or Galantis.


Despite the fact this is an animation film, it brings to the surface more serious topics than many other teenage films do. It is about the desire to see a dad, who presumably died a long time ago. It is about the relations between the two brothers. It is about the journey and overcoming hardships of it.

The same as Toy Story and Monster Inc., the film is made by incredible Pixar studio (Disney’s) and will deliver many pleasant and hilarious moments to its viewers. As for listeners of soundtracks, they’ll be delighted by such songs and performers: ‘Bad’ by David Guetta, ‘Fly Like An Eagle’ by Seal, ‘Freedom! ’90’ (Remastered) by George Michael, ‘SOS’ by Rihanna, amongst the others.

The best teen movies ever

As the best soundtracks of teen movies of 2020 have been explored, it is time to remember, which were some of the best teen movies of all time, years back.

American Pie (1999)

This is definitely the most hilarious teen movie of all time, which so unusually explored the topic of sexuality and relations in adolescence that millions of people couldn’t stand but laughing out loud, re-watching this film over and over. And although Jason Biggs is now a symbol of bawdiness, and nobody wants to see him now on the big screen outside of the American Piefranchise, this actor insanely fitted the role.

In the soundtrack, there are no loud names at all (but Dan Wilson), and anyone hardly remembers anyone but this guy in the music collection. However, there are many musicians, which were featured in the movie but were not included in the soundtrack for some reason: Barenaked Ladies, Simon & Garfunkel, or Marvin Gaye.

Still, years ago, this pop-punk & alternative rock album significantly rises up the mood.

Twilight (2008)

The Twilight Saga simply cannot be omitted in an article like this. It spurred the stars of Kirsten Stewart and Robert Pattinson, and it revived love to vampire movies, as now teenagers were deeply into them. It was gloomy and mostly sad but it was about huge love and that it can overcome any obstacles at all, even if two significantly different people (or creatures) fall in love.

The soundtrack to it is serious and pretentious, fitting the grandeur of the saga, and includes such loud names as Muse or Linkin Park. It is also possible to hear many songs by Robert Pattinson.

Never Been Kissed (1999)

The film features Drew Barrymore and tells how hard it is to be a no-perfect fellow in high school. And although the film is built on deception (which Mrs. Barrymore’s heroine starts to sneak-peek into the high school’s teen culture), the viewers eventually relate a lot of what they felt in this period of life to heroine’s actions and fears. Yet, it is pretty shallow, so thus, absolutely suitable for a few fun hours during an easy evening.

The soundtrack includes many loud names such as The Cardigans, R.E.M., John Lennon, Yoko Ono, and The Beach Boys.

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