Coronavirus Crisis by Mass Experience, a dance anthem for the locked down generation

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Coronavirus Crisis by Mass Experience, a dance anthem for the locked down generation

Coronavirus Crisis by Mass Experience, a dance anthem for the locked down generation

Coronavirus Crisis by Mass Experience

The debut single ‘Coronavirus Crisis’ by Mass Experience is a thumping retro-electronica track reminiscent of early 90s rave, created for “the lockdown generation”.

Mass Experience are a radical showbiz family of high-voltage creatives in Sydney Australia. Soul mates, Katie M Little (comedian and writer) and Timothy Poulton (internationally renowned landscape photographer) and their three children.

With careers and schooling grounded, they turned to music as an outlet to express the spectrum of emotions their family was experiencing due to lockdown and the anxiety provoked by navigating continually changing circumstances.

As parents, Timothy and Katie openly admit to raising their children to be “little punks” – to question every facet of a society driving itself towards destruction, to be informed and equipped with an armoury of creative skills to express themselves and navigate the turbulent decades to come.

As a family their vision is to inspire and energise people to live their most authentic lives, motivated and united by passion and love – and to get up and dance!

Working with producer Chris Hamer-Smith from Forbes Street Studio, their forthcoming album ‘Sitting with Demons’draws on old school breakbeat, indie-electronica and 60’s inspired psychedelia – they invite you to join their Mass Experience.

Listen to ‘Coronavirus Crisis’ on all good digital music platforms.


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Katie M Little – Biography

Katie M Little told her first joke on television at age five. She could apply false eyelashes by the age of six, and at seven had mastered the art of mixing drinks – all skills her mother deemed essential life skills.

She writes and performs stand-up comedy about the precarious mental balancing act of living in the Anthropocene, and on RUOK Day tweeted – “If you’re NOT depressed or anxious there’s something wrong with YOU – not the other way round, okay?”

Her fearless writing has been published in Adbusters, her style compared to memoirist heavyweight Clive James, and acclaimed philosopher Daniel Pinchbeck commented on her blog as “similar to my own thinking”. She uses black humour to cut through preconceived ideas and loves challenging accepted norms of behaviour.

Her 2018 book ‘Catch A Falling Star – A Story About Growing Up with Jeanne Little’ who was a household name in Australia is a quirky, laugh-out-loud romp through her unconventional childhood which examines fame, marriage and sexuality, and most importantly inspires inter-generational communication.

Like her mother who inherited the family ‘gift’ for tea leaf reading, Katie moonlights as a tarot reader and has amassed a devoted following for her skills with numerology which she playfully calls ‘human sudoku’. She is also a stage mum, shepherding her three children who have starred in multiple TV commercials since they were young, including the nation-wide domestic violence campaign ‘Let’s Stop It At The Start’ and the award winning Australian TV series ‘RAKE’.

Music has always been an essential element of Katie’s life. As one of a handful of female DJs in the 90s, she promoted and performed under the alias Plus One – her name being a jab at the male dominated industry where girls were listed on door lists only as +1.

If she could describe herself in one word it would be ‘underrated’.

Timothy Poulton – Biography

Timothy Poulton is inspired by technology to create – whether it be music, photography or digital art.

A fire sign with boundless energy and enthusiasm, he was an early rave DJ and promoter of some of Sydney’s most legendary underground parties in the 90s, and a self-taught graphic artist working with partner Katie M Little to design many of the scene’s most iconic club flyers and record label artwork. Their trailblazing work was recognised with a feature and cover in Design Graphics magazine.

After a stint racing cars in the GT Championship at the Formula One and V8 Supercars, he became obsessed with building in-car video kits before Go-Pro was on the horizon, then worked with the photography industry to pioneer a process to develop modern digital panoramic photography.

Eager to explore the world, Timothy followed his passion for landscape photography, becoming internationally recognised for his breathtaking images of the Earth’s most remote and fragile wild places. His image ‘Twisterella’ won countless awards, was featured globally in magazines and has been viewed and shared millions of times on sites such as 500PX, Pintrest and Instagram.

Then covid hit, grounding both the couple’s careers. With their children they turned to music to express the spectrum of emotions their family was experiencing, excited to draw on the vast history of influences which had inspired them over the years – and Mass Experience was born.

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