Swedish Brand, Beautyka AB Launches PRX T33 Kemisk Face Peeling for Smoother Facial Skin

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Swedish Brand, Beautyka AB Launches PRX T33 Kemisk Face Peeling for Smoother Facial Skin

Swedish Brand, Beautyka AB Launches PRX T33 Kemisk Face Peeling for Smoother Facial Skin

October 6, 2020 – In a bid to increase customer satisfaction, Beautyka AB has added the “PRX T33 Kemisk Face Peeling” treatment to its list of services. The newly launched service is a unisex procedure that is performed by an actual doctor. The team at Beautyka has identified PRX T33 Kemisk Face Peeling as the most effective method for dealing with a problematic skin amongst fashion and beauty enthusiasts. It is also highly recommended for individuals that are looking to get rid of certain skin conditions.

With its effectiveness as a skincare solution, the new “PRX T33 Kemisk Face Peeling” treatment by Beautyka AB is recommended to aging people and beauty enthusiasts. After the procedure, patients can look forward to improved confidence from gaining a young and lustrous skin. It is also recommended as a preventive measure to nullify the effects of aging and stress on the facial skin.

It might only last 60 minutes but the procedure helps to rejuvenate the facial skin and help patients turn back the hand of time by a few years. With Kemisk Face Peeling, anyone can get a younger skin with enhanced firmness and elasticity. Using HIFU ultherapy (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound), the reputable doctors at Beautyka are able to perform a flawless facelift that tightens the skin and reduces wrinkles without surgery. With HIFU, doctors can reach deep into the tissue of the skin and ensure lasting effects.

Although the “PRX T33 Kemisk Face Peeling” treatment is a package deal for the entire face, Beautyka will allow clients to pick and choose what parts of the face to include or exclude. This was a genius idea put in place to make the service affordable.

With the effects of the COVID-19 on the world today, Beautyka AB is looking to contribute its fair quota to uplifting the mood with its services. According to a new study by SWNS Digital beauty care is crucial to good looks, improved confidence, and self-love. It is said that 75% of women make a visit to beauticians to look good for themselves, 55% do it to feel comfortable in their own skin, and 47%  do it to maintain or increase their confidence.

Beautyka AB is inviting anyone that is looking to enhance their looks or heal a stubborn skin condition to get in contact.

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