529Academy Founder Shares Side Hustle Success Story

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529Academy Founder Shares Side Hustle Success Story

529Academy Founder Shares Side Hustle Success Story
Akande made $94,000 in 2019 working 10 hours per week

529Academy founder Akande is sharing with people everywhere how his side hustle earned $94,000 by working just ten hours per week.

According to Akande, he has been working as a marketing professional over the past six years but has always kept work on the side. He’s running his own marketing business from home and created a strategy that helped him earn nearly six figures. Now, he’s sharing this strategy with others.

First, Akande encourages people to focus on three ways they can deliver results. For example, he chose to focus on SEO, web design, and marketing automation as part of his business. He knew he was adept at these three things and that these services often go hand in hand, which could bring in more sales. Secondly, Akande says that it’s important to choose pricing wisely. “Buffer your pricing by 10% with every new client,” says Akande.

Also, Akande says it’s important to create an hourly rate and price package at three times the amount a company would pay someone in a similar role to do. Lastly, Akande says that people should be working at least ten hours per week in and on their business. In addition, he reminds people to focus on quality versus quantity when it comes to clients.

“You can generate more than five figures every year with a side hustle without spending more than 10 hours a week building it,” said Akande.

Through 529Academy, Akande is helping professionals create successful side businesses. As the side hustle culture is taking off, more and more people are interested in leveraging their skills for a side job. Over the past 8 years, Akande has been working on various side hustles to build additional streams of income while also working a regular 9-5 day job.

In his blog, Akande shares free advice and coaching, and he also offers a comprehensive list of software and tools that he says are critical for any side hustle. All of this is available at the 529Academy website. For instance, articles on the blog now include “Hustle From Home-50 Legit Side Hustles You Can Do From Home” and “$400 Side Hustle: Turn Your Stimulus Check Into a Business”.

Through the This Little Side Hustle podcast, Akande shares powerful insights, advice, and strategies for launching a successful side hustle today.

Details on how Akande made $94,000 by working ten hours per week can be found at https://529academy.com/94k-side-hustle/.

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529Academy helps people realize their dreams with profitable side hustles.

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