Clapper Garners More Reviews From Users Across The Globe

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Clapper Garners More Reviews From Users Across The Globe

Independent Free Speech Video Platform, Clapper, continues to receive accolades for allowing users to express themselves without censorship

Clapper has become increasingly popular in recent times as a platform that allows people to exercise their freedom of expression using social media. Currently available on the App Store and Google Play for users of Android and iOS devices, the video-sharing social media platform allows users to express their views on different issues without the fear of censorship as witnessed with other popular platforms.

Clapper is one of our favorite apps because it doesn’t censor content, and that’s really important to us. It shows they care about our rights!” said Liam Rafizadeh, Founder of Today Is America.

Censorship of content posted on social media has seemingly defeated the true essence of such platforms. While the use of social media continues to increase by the day with the figure standing at over 3.5 billion active users worldwide, more people have found it even more difficult to express themselves. However, it is looking like the beginning of a new dawn with the emergence of Clapper from Clapper Media Group Inc.

Clapper aims to liberate social media users that have been limited due to the censoring and banning of unwanted content by many of the available platforms. The Independent Free Speech Video Platform allows Libertarians and free speech advocates, Conservatives, Republicans and politically right-wing as well as other categories of individuals that have found it difficult to share their views and opinions to do same.

The video-sharing platform has an easy and intuitive interface to make using the app simple and effortless. Features and benefits of Clapper include easy recording and sharing of videos to other platforms, easy and uncensored response to others’ content, and the ability to form, build, and lead an opinion.

I enjoy having an app that focuses on freedom of speech, politics, point of views- things that a lot of viewers don’t want to see on other apps. This app gives the ability to create content on these topics that others can engage with. On my other platforms, my content isn’t based around content like this. Those apps aren’t created for those topics that this app is specifically for. I enjoy to step away from my other content and have the ability to share my thoughts/beliefs on here,” said GaKaLaMa.

For information about Clapper, please visit – The app can also be found across several social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

About Clapper Media Group Inc.

Clapper Media Group Inc. was founded as an independent digital media company specializing in delivering short mobile videos to people across the globe. The company provides a platform designed to allow people to express their views without censoring posts and comments.

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Company Name: Clapper Media Group Inc.
Contact Person: Edison
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Phone: (302) 538-9028
Country: United States

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