Easily carry food and beverages on the go in one hand with Da Handle, a light-weight food and beverage carrier

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Easily carry food and beverages on the go in one hand with Da Handle, a light-weight food and beverage carrier

Da Handle is a portable, light-weight, user-friendly and everyday-usable food and beverage carrier. Made to be environmentally friendly, Da Handle can be used to carry food items with one hand and the contents can be eaten on the go without making a mess. An ideal carrier for indoors, outdoors, at theme parks, stadiums and all other such places. The product is still in the design and research phase and is up for funding on Kickstarter.

Carrying food in take-out packages can get clumsy, to address this issue, Kingdom United Products LLC has launched a new prototype food carrier which makes carrying food a lot easier. Named as Da Handle, this food carrier can make things a lot easier when one is travelling and needs to eat on the go. Da Handle is a singly built product, that has different compartments, to carry a drink and eatables. Made with durable and environmentally friendly materials, Da Handle can be reused up to 2 to 4 times depending on the person.

The CEO and founder of Kingdom United Products LLC, Linden Braithwaite came up with this magnificent idea in 2013, when he saw a lady taking her food in a carry box to her seat, suddenly, the box broke, spilling the content inside of it. One day while waiting for his food at a McDonald’s, Linden recalled this undesirable event and immediately the idea of Da Handle was born. It was kept in mind while designing the product that the package should be light-weight yet able to sustain the food and drink content inside.

Da Handle is a reusable food carrier, and hence it can be used to reduce waste. The environment is facing a serious threat because of all the waste and debris. If Da Handle can contribute to reducing these waste levels, it will be considered a huge success by the team. The packaging can be recycled after use. Furthermore, the company will be implementing a reward system for each package returned, encouraging responsible behaviour. Da Handle will be delivered to the customers via US mail, FedEx and Amazon Courier Services.

The package and design of Da Handle is made in such a way so that it remains sturdy and can handle food items even if they are hot, or cold so that they may not spill and break the packaging. The design is ergonomic and Da Handle can be held with one hand and can be taken anywhere, like in a park, going shopping, watching a sports game at a stadium or just eating while walking or sitting on a bench.

The funding campaign for The Handle is live on Kickstarter, and can use a financial support here:


Da Handle is not a complete product yet, it needs some more research and testing before it becomes available to the public. And for that, the product needs some funding and support on Kickstarter, even a dollar can be considered vital so that an environmentally friendly and a reusable food carrier box can be developed.


Da Handle, designed by Linden Braithwaite, can provide ease in people’s lives when it comes to eating food at any outdoor place by providing an environmentally friendly, sturdy, user-friendly and everyday-useable product.


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Company Name: Kingdom United products Llc
Contact Person: Linden Braithwaite
Email: Send Email
Phone: 9144158939
City: Long Island
Country: United States
Website: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/onthego/da-handle-smart-food-and-beverage-carrier?ref=1sywww&token=ec40577f

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