Experts Reveal a Guide to Buying a Mountain Bike

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Experts Reveal a Guide to Buying a Mountain Bike

A Toronto bike manufacturer has issued a special guide for its customers who are considering the purchase of a mountain bike.

RSD Bikes has unveiled the buying guide to ensure its customers have the very best advice when making the decision about which bike is the right one for them.

“Of course, we are here at any time for our customers to talk to us and tell us exactly what they are looking for, but many people prefer to do online research before they get in touch. We thought this guide would be the perfect starting point for them in their search.

“Firstly, you have the choice as to whether you want to buy the bike online or in a shop. One of the benefits of going into your local bike shop is that you can throw your leg over a bike and sit on it. You might even be allowed to ride it around the parking lot. But you are unlikely to be able to get a good feel for the characteristics and handling in a few minutes on tarmac. And, bike shops will rarely stock all of the models that they offer as they just don’t have the space, so how do you know you are getting the right one for you?

“If you buy online you have to consider that shipping it will probably be your responsibility, as will building it when it arrives. If you know your way around a bike or you know someone who does, then this could be a good option as there are some good deals to be had out there. You just need to make sure you are ordering the correct size frame and you know the type of tyres and seats you are ordering – for comfort and practicality.

“We can build and deliver bikes for our customers. Or they can come and collect them. No problem. We also offer our customers email and phone support for any questions they might have when considering which bike they should buy. No question is a silly question. We just want to make sure they are getting the best bike for their needs. We want to know what they are trying to get out of the bike, how often they will use it and what sort of terrain they will be cycling on. Then we can start to give advice based upon their own personal needs. It can be hard to get that information generally online.

“Budget will play a huge part in the bike a customer will buy. But, if they do decide to start with the basic model frame, they can upgrade different parts as they are going along if they start to become more serious about the mountain biking – like tyres and seats. For example, changing your tyres can completely change the feel of your bike.

“If you are a seasoned cyclist and you want to take your mountain biking to the next level, then it is worth considering an upgrade on the bike. If you have an entry level bike, then just making some changes to the components might not get the results you are looking for. Again, this is something our experts can help our customers with. Cycling is a very personal experience and everyone is very different. It is important to match the right bike with each customer,” he added.

About RSD Bikes

RSD Bikes was officially founded in 2012, but it was 25 year of experience and passion for mountain biking that was transformed into a business. The company prides itself in high level customer service, to ensure every customer gets the right bike or bike parts for them and their personal needs.

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