The future of meat: Deliciou’s revolutionary Plant-Based Meat lives in the pantry

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The future of meat: Deliciou’s revolutionary Plant-Based Meat lives in the pantry

Plant-Based eating made easy and delicious.

In 2020, Vegan food innovator, Deliciou, launched a world-first shelf stable 100% Plant-Based Chicken that can be used as a substitute in any traditional chicken dish. Simply add oil and water to the clean and lean dry mix and shape to create meatballs, skewers, salads, nuggets, nachos and beyond!

Deliciou was founded in 2015 by Kejtil Hansen when he created a vegetarian Bacon Seasoning to make transitioning into a plant-based diet easier. The seasoning quickly gained popularity organically, but it was when Hansen pitched on Shark Tank in 2017 that the business really grew.

Hansen believes that if Deliciou can create vegan food that is easy to fit in with existing recipes and is truly healthy, it can break down the barriers to incorporating more plant-powered food into people’s diets. “We’ve found that people think plant-based cooking is difficult, expensive and time-consuming. Our goal is to dispel this myth by making it as easy and healthy as possible to make the change.”

Since the launch of the Plant-Based Chicken in February 2020, the team at Deliciou have launched Plant-Based Pork and Plant-Based Beef mixes that, like the Chicken, contain no preservatives, 20 grams of protein per serve, no added salt or sugar, they are rich in Iron and Vitamin B12 and are GMO free. Making them one of the healthiest meat alternatives on the market.

“Store-bought plant-based meats often have high levels of salt, sugar, and other nasties, which made a lot of people stay away from the category,” says Hansen. “We wanted to create a healthy alternative. By making the Deliciou plant-based meats from dehydrated plant proteins, it eliminates the need for preservatives, salt, and sugar which makes more room for plant proteins and fiber”.

Stored in the pantry and with a shelf life of 12 months, Deliciou’s plant-based meats can be consumed at any suitable time allowing Deliciou to easily deliver right to customers’ doors around the world. Shop Deliciou’s range of seasonings, veggie meal bases and plant-based meats at or use the online store locator to find your local stockist.

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