Shore Thing Towels: The New Kid on the Block

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Shore Thing Towels: The New Kid on the Block

The Beach Towel, Reimagined.

Shore Thing Towels have not been around long, but they are making a splash and quickly becoming the must have item of the summer.

Founded by two friends in their mid-30’s, who often found themselves at the beach in their spare time, Shore Thing was established to solve a problem that so many people have, but don’t realize they are facing: sandy, wet, heavy, and smelly beach towels.

Perry and Jeff, the founders of Shore Thing, would find themselves heading home from a full day at the beach with all the usual suspects. The cooler, the umbrella, beach chairs, and worst of all, a wet, and heavy beach towel that could never fully get rid of that odor, or all the sand it accumulated from a full day at the beach.

Perry, an avid Jeep-er, who arguably spends more time cleaning his car than he does at the beach, had the thought that brought him and Jeff to creating Shore Thing Towels. The microfiber cloths that he had been using to dry off his Jeep after each wash, always seemed to wick away the water and repel dirt and debris that would risk scratching his beloved Wrangler. What if that same microfiber technology that repelled dirt, debris and wicked away the water from his Jeep could be used to make a beach towel?

Perry and Jeff then had their idea. They quickly began searching for a manufacturer that can use that same microfiber technology and put it into the form of a beach towel. The trips to the beach with old, hand-me-down beach towels, that brought sand everywhere and smelled like 10 year’s worth of sunscreen were about to get a lot better.

Shore Thing Towels had their solution, a manufacturer, and the plan to change the way we think about beach towels forever. Their towels were now completely sand free, dried them off instantly, and folded to a quarter of the size of a regular beach towel. Not only that, but the towels themselves dry in half the time of a regular, cotton beach towel. Perry and Jeff added some vibrant, colorful designs to their towels and Shore Thing Towels was born.

Out with the old and in with the new. No more smelly, wet, sandy beach towels that were taking up a ton of their space in their beach bags. Their trips to the local beaches and beyond now included a sand free beach towel that takes up very little space and can be packed in a carry-on for the out-of-town trips to the beach

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