Home-Security.com is Taking Home Security System To Another Level

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Home-Security.com is Taking Home Security System To Another Level

In the past, many people have relied on traditional home security plans to protect their homes and residents against intruders, medical emergencies, and other catastrophes like fires and floods. However, as technology continues to change, new types of home security plans are popping up. Here’s why you should consider switching to an updated home security model:

No monthly fees

By ditching traditional home security plan for wireless alarm monitoring, users will no longer have to worry about paying monthly fees. While some companies still require a monthly payment for leased or financed equipment and additional services like professional monitoring, there are more and more home security providers who offer plans that do not charge a fee each month.

No lengthy contracts

Another added benefit to abandoning your traditional home security plan is that you will no longer have to be locked into a contract. While some providers require that you sign a contract in order to receive professional monitoring, there are countless companies that offer month-to-month service with no strings attached.

No installation fees

With the ease of setup that comes along with DIY home security, users will also save money on installation fees which can cost over $100. Gone are the days when we needed to hire a professional to help with setup or when we had to pay for materials in order to install alarm system. Companies like Frontpoint often provide customers with everything they need in order to get their home security up and running in no time at all. Additionally, many traditional home security companies like ADT make professional installation a requirement, which guarantees it as an expenditure.

Cutting-edge technology

While traditional home security plans may offer basic features like an audible alarm, they are quickly being replaced with cutting-edge technology that will truly keep you safe. The best home security systems are those that incorporate smart home integration for a low cost. For example, cellular home security allows users to control the system wherever they are through smartphone or tablet, so if a door is opened or a motion sensor has been triggered, you will receive a notification on your mobile device.

Many traditional home security companies offer this as well, but they are often listed at premium pricing that will add on an additional monthly cost. If you buy the equipment once and own it, you save a lot of money down the road. Also, smart home integration can allow you to make your system compatible with other devices like lights and locks.

Flexible monitoring plans

Another benefit of switching to wireless alarm monitoring for home security is the ability to change or upgrade the plan at any time. For example, some companies offer the option of no-contract monitoring plans which allow you to take advantage of any plan, upgrade it for a month or two, and then downgrade to an affordable option when you’re ready. This flexibility allows you to stay on top of the market without worrying about whether your provider will lower costs or offer better deals in the future.

Other companies allow plan customization based on the exact types of functionality. For example, some companies offer self-monitoring or local alarm monitoring for those who just need to track and manage their home security system. However, if someone want the full package with professional monitoring and guaranteed response times in case of emergency, then you can opt for that instead. This is a great way to find the perfect balance between functionality and price.

Users who are interested in switching over to the right home security company but aren’t sure how to choose the right provider, can always compare alarm monitoring deals with a comparison tool. With free quotes from top-rated companies in your area, all it takes is a couple of minutes in order to find the best fit for your home security needs.

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