NHU always adheres to the scientific and technological innovation

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NHU always adheres to the scientific and technological innovation

Zhejiang NHU Company Ltd was founded in 1999. NHU has always been innovation-driven, constantly improving the quality of human life with high-quality, healthy and green products.

Innovation has always been the source of NHU’s core competitiveness. Since its establishment, the company has always insisted on technological innovation. By 2019, the company has successfully won two second-class prizes of national technological invention awards, one national patent gold award, and obtained 192 valid domestic patents and 25 foreign authorized patents.

“We attach great importance to innovation, and no matter whether the company is profitable or not, we will not spend less on development every year,” the chairman of NHU said. According to statistics, the company’s average scientific research investment in recent years reached more than 5% of sales revenue. That’s what we believe as a driven force for NHU to make everlasting progress even during fierce competition.

Reviewing the developing history of the company, independent innovation was one of the vital factors that helped the company develop to what it is. In 1991, NHU’s first state-level new product Diethyl ethoxymethylenemalonate was successfully produced. Trimethylhydroquinone was identified as a new state-level product in 1993. “The 600 tons/year vitamin E” environmental protection technology development project was listed as the national Torch Program Project by the State Science and Technology Commission, becoming the first Torch Program Project implemented by NHU. In 2005, astaxanthin was successfully developed, NHU becomed the first astaxanthin industrial production enterprise in China. In 2006, coenzyme Q10 was successfully developed and entered the field of fermentation. With the successful research and development of citral, NHU has become the first domestic and the third enterprise in the world that can achieve the large-scale production of citral. In 2010, the project of “the new green synthesis process and industrialization of fat-soluble vitamins and carotenoids” won the second-class prize of State technological invention award.

With constant technological innovation, NHU has made remarkable achievements. NHU was awarded “China’s top 100 most dynamic enterprises”, “China’s top 30 feed enterprises”, “China’s most powerful listed company”, “top 50 young enterprises”. In addition, NHU also won “the second-class prize of State technological invention award”, “top 100 listed companies in China” and other awards…

An enterprise benefit depends on products, products depend on scientific technology, and talent factor is a main factor to scientific technology. NHU always strives to build a talent highland and attract outstanding talents with the company’s wide development platform. For example, NHU established a scientific research station and gathered young postdoctoral talents with strong innovation ability, which greatly promoted the company’s scientific research capacity and innovation capacity.

Now, NHU is in a new period of rapid development. More employees will make proceeding technological innovation, and prove with actions that innovation is the driving force and the guide for NHU’s development. The success of NHU in the past is inseparable from innovation. The majority of employees bear in mind the core values of “innovation, harmony and competition”, and with a high sense of responsibility and enterprising spirit make bold innovations and keep their feet on the ground to create a new situation of company innovation.

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