MeetUrFriends Helps Users Make Friends, Network, and Build Strong, Lasting Connections

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MeetUrFriends Helps Users Make Friends, Network, and Build Strong, Lasting Connections

MeetUrFriends makes it easier to make new friends, particularly during a time when people are practicing social distancing.

Friends who chill together stay together. This was the fundamental idea behind app developer Saadat Wali’s exciting new mobile app, MeetUrFriends. MeetUrFriends is a unique platform that connects users to new friends who share similar interests and hobbies. Meeting new friends can be challenging, and when the fact that people around the country and world are actively practicing social distancing is factored in, it can seem near impossible to create meaningful in-person connections. MeetUrFriends helps by facilitating friendships that are likely to thrive in a convenient and safe online space.

MeetUrFriends gives users the advantage of having things in common with prospective friends right off the bat. Users can connect over their interests and passions, using these commonalities to form strong bonds and grow as individuals. The app was designed with special features to make new friendships even stronger and more memorable. MeetUrFriends users can make free video calls, watch and make videos, and hold and compete in challenges. With MeetUrFriends, users have everything they need to make new friends in the palm of their hands and can do so safely and from the comfort of their own homes.

MeetUrFriends’ challenge feature sets it apart from other similar platforms. With the challenge feature, users can create unique challenges and share them with their friends, friends of friends, or the public, allowing the challenge to be as far-reaching as its creator wants it to be. Each challenge can be customized, and users can even limit the length of time the challenge is active for, restrict the challenge to a certain geographic location, or open it up to anyone around the world. To utilize the challenge feature, users pose a question to a specified universe of people, calling on them to upload a picture or video of them doing a specific action like singing or capturing a specific image like that of their smiling child. From there, other users can accept the challenge by uploading their own image or video in response. Each challenge has a winner, and this coveted role is determined by the person whose image or video received the most likes on the platform. The challenge feature offers a creative way for people to get to know each other better and makes MeetUrFriends incredibly interactive.

MeetUrFriends was designed with very stringent data security measures to ensure that each user’s personal data is treated and handled in a very strict and confidential manner. While data is collected from users, its primary use is to operate and improve the platform. Users can feel secure not only in the quality of friends they can meet but also in the care with which MeetUrFriends takes when handling their data.

MeetUrFriends is available for download in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

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MeetUrFriends was created by app developer Saadat Wali and became available for download in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store in late March 2021.

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