New AI Technology To Help Visually Impaired People Live Independently

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New AI Technology To Help Visually Impaired People Live Independently

New AI Technology To Help Visually Impaired People Live Independently
Founder Maithreya Chakravarthula, Kaleem Khan and his team have developed an AI-powered mobile app to help people with visual disabilities

Dallas, Texas – Thanks to Sahai Tech’s marvelous piece of AI and machine vision technology, people who are visually impaired are now a step closer to living independently through a specially designed app in the form of a talking camera. The mobile app has been hailed by many for its ability to identify objects and hurdles while providing navigation details like distance information, hurdle detection and identification. It also features a voice instructional guide to help users navigate around them to reach desired objects. 

In an attempt to get this product out to the intended target market, Sahai Tech will be collaborating with the National Federation for the Blind and the American Foundation for the Blind to introduce its innovative “Orientation and Mobility” assistant for low vision individuals. Under the stewardship of Maithreya Chakravarthula, Sahai Tech LLC. is dedicated to designing and engineering solutions to assist people with disabilities through Artificial Intelligence & Machine Vision. 

Sahai Tech was co-founded by Maithreya Chakravarthula & Kaleem Khan. They came up with the idea for the innovative mobile app when he worked with a nonprofit organization that helps the blind and visually impaired. With the support of his team members scattered around Texas, Pakistan, and India, they managed to create a large database of images that have been used to train the model.

At Sahai Tech, we believe that “Accessibility Ignites Innovation. We set out to develop a solution that tackles an everyday problem faced by people who are new to vision loss in an efficient, elegant and effective manner. Sahai Vision is the 1st step towards that solution,” said Maithreya Chakravarthula, founder at Sahai Tech. 

According to the world health organization, there are more than 280 million visually impaired people in the world, including 39 million people who are totally blind. Without a doubt, these people face serious challenges, and it was only a matter of time before a solution was proffered. Maithreya Chakravarthula learned from first-hand experience that these challenges were more than just their inability to see effectively or see at all. It is tough for them to keep a job or come out in the open without enduring overbearing social stigma. He learned that people with visual disabilities want to be treated like everyone else and not have to deal with overly helpful individuals. In this regard, the AI-driven mobile app is expected to bring some respite to the visually impaired. 

The Sahai Artificial Intelligence & Machine Vision mobile app uses a camera to detect an object and then gives the user audio instructions that includes the distance of the object and how to reach it. 

Typically, a user requests an object that they want to identify. Next, users will have to hold up the camera to scan the room for the object in question. Once detected, the app will alert the user through voice and haptic feedback. The app does the extra service of providing details about the position of desired objects once found by telling about the distance and hurdles between the user and the object.

Currently, the app can recognize 80 different objects, including water bottles, laptops, humans, and street signs. Sahai plan to launch the app in the market within a few weeks. 

Sahai Tech co-founder Maithreya Chakravarthula created the AI app for visually impaired people because of his passion for them and the desire to see other people in society live a better life. He started and has been managing Sahai Tech from his personal savings and has allowed his passion to help people drive the company to success. Sahai won the third prize of $5,000 at UT Dallas’ 2018 Big Idea Competition. The company also earned a place in the NTXINNO’s as one of the 21 North Texas startups to watch in 2021.

Sahai has found a new use for its technology, following a pandemic pivot. Around the summer of 2020, the company has retooled its existed tech to the retailers amid the pandemic. This solution allows retailers to apply social distancing and contact tracing measures by tracing and tracking customers’ movements within the store. It helps in identifying spots where people are congregating and how and where they have interacted with the products on the shelves. 

The company now has distribution partners in Qatar, Oman, UAE and Saudi Arabia. It’s deployed the aforementioned retail solution in malls and other commercial spaces in the Middle East and is working on expanding its reach to other locales. Founders Maithreya Chakravarthula and Kaleem Khan believe that the pandemic has helped reshape their vision and given them the opportunity to explore other gaps in the market that can be fulfilled with their unique AI/ML algorithms.

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