The 5 Best Essay Writing Services in United States: Trustworthy reviews

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The 5 Best Essay Writing Services in United States: Trustworthy reviews

The 5 Best Essay Writing Services in United States: Trustworthy reviews

Essay writing is not just limited to students. From middle school to lecturer to a job seeker, many professions demand to pen or type their essays from time to time. It has been a part of the curriculum for decades, and many still hate such assignments.

Nevertheless, what is an essay? Why essay writing holds such importance? How can you write an essay that results in stellar grades? Can you take the help of essay writing services?

To begin with, Merriam-Webster defines ‘essay’ as “a short piece of writing that tells a person’s thoughts or opinions about a particular subject.” In other words, an essay examines one’s critical thinking, evaluates analytical skills, improves writing abilities, and the reasons are endless.

Can you take the help of essay writing services?

Yes, you can. In fact, there is nothing wrong with asking for help. There has been a massive rise in the number of essay writing service websites as more students or employees finding it difficult to write a rewarding essay. However, the majority of the writers over there do not even qualify as writers. They rephrase the existing essay somewhere on the internet and deceive people like you. Therefore, we have made these “Top 5 Trustworthy Essay Sites” you can lean on at any time for any purpose. We have given end-to-end information about each of these resources, so you do not have to.

1. 99papers

99 papers are where you can high-quality papers or essays at affordable prices. Known for its cheap essay writing services, it seems to be a viable option for students who mostly live on a budget.

You are only three steps for a perfect paper.

  • Place your order: Complete the form provided. Be as specific as possible with your requirements. Please provide them with any resources or instructions they should keep in mind while writing your essay. How you say is how you would get it. In this step, you are expected to provide the type of paper you are looking for, the deadline you propose, and the number of pages you want.
  • Talk to you Writer: From their list of well-experienced native English or ESL writers, you get to choose the one. All the professionals at 99papers are highly eligible and professional in their knowledge of the subject. Depending on your task, you can discuss the brief with the Writer to ensure you are walking in the same lane. You get to ask questions, request an outline, and move forward with the writer you prefer. And you can also ask for progress at any time during the project. 99papers is open 24×7 for you to give a seamless experience.
  • Get your paper: See, it is that simple. As soon as you book your writer, your essay will be under development. The final draft will be sent directly to you a few days before the deadline for your approval. Once you give a thumbs-up, your paper will be ready to download from your 99papers account itself.

Highlights/Special about 99papers

  • 100% free of plagiarism: 99papers obey the strict anti-plagiarism policy. The writer at the organization writes with their skills and produces anything from scratch. Before even sending the final draft, they scan the essay at licensed software – plagiarism checker to make sure they are providing your original citation.
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee: You like it, you pay for it. 99papers is all about customer satisfaction. If you are not content with your final draft, you will be provided an opportunity not to spend. Only if you choose to defend your issue in a way 99papers think is legitimate. If you both come on the same page, you will be covered under their Money Back Guarantee policy.
  • Custom Order Form: 99papers provide the users with an order form to frame how you want your paper to be. You can choose your essay type, deadline, number of words, etcetera. Only pay for what you need.
  • Privacy as its best: Your personal data remains confidential under their comprehensive privacy policy. 99papers maintain nameless communication between users and the writers. While you are on the payment, they assure they do not steal any sensitive information as the complete form is protected by integrating SSL 256-bit encryption.

Overall, 99papers looks like the place for cheap essay writing service providers 2021. Safe to rely on as they have been in the market for more than 10 years and the number of clients is only increasing.

2. Paperhelp

We believe the name speaks for itself, and we really like the vibe of the website. Talking about Paperhelp – your rocket to writing success; has their own story. Like everything has in the world.

In 2008, two students came up with this idea to make students’ lives more manageable. It is no brainer that millions of people worldwide have the issue of writing a perfect essay. Amidst juggling multiple jobs, sleeping fewer hours, and struggling with studies, assignments like these could be a daunting task. So, these creative founders built a bridge connecting people who do not have enough time/skills to write essays and writers with years of excellence in a particular field. If you think about it, this is a win-win for both writers and people in need. Outsourcing your essay task to professionals buys you so much time that you can put in somewhere else.

All this seems interesting. However, how do Paperhelp works (

Well, it is not rocket science. You can avail of this service in four simple steps.

  • Type of paper: In the given list, choose the style that best describes your paper. In this way, you are helping them to serve you better.
  • Paper Details: Be as detailed as possible. Just pour out everything you know about your assignment. Explain to them how you expect your piece. Upload any resources you think will help them understand your expectations. Tell us the tone of writing, the format, the prerequisites, the number of words, the font style, just anything. The ball is in your court. By detailing, your writer will understand what you are anticipating of them.
  • Give a valid email: We are sure you have multiple emails for various purposes. But, please provide a valid email to Paperhelp as it helps them reach out to you without any struggles. Also, their system generates a secure login system to help you go to your dashboard a lot faster and easier.
  • Payment: Of course! You have to. When you are done with the order form, you will be redirected to a secure payment gateway to complete your order. Paperhelp assures they never share your sensitive information with anyone. The current payment methods at Paperhelp are credit card, Apple Pay, JCB, etcetera.

Okay! So, what is next?

Well, the next step is that you would receive an email with your order details, and you will have your essay in no time.

Highlights/Special about Paperhelp

  • Loyalty Program: The more you order, the more you get. Paperhelp has this unique Loyalty Program where the users would get credits with every order they make. Those saved credits can be used for further purchases which is kind of good customer retaining policy. If you are someone who needs essay writing services multiple times, we recommend going for Paperhelp.
  • 100% legit: Your piece will be completely original, and they can implement two verb scanners at once in case you need proof.
  • Quite Affordable: Whether it is for college-level or Ph.D. level, the cost of essay writing is reasonable. The users get to choose the level they are expecting and the price according to that will be notified.
  • Price Calculator: Probably the best thing about Paperhelp. Anyone can just enter details like type of requirement, the academic level, quantity (either in terms of pages or number of words), deadline, and the approximate price will be shown. Isn’t that awesome?

Overall, Paperhelp is a promising essay writing service in 2021. For a proficient and reliable paper, think no more.

3. GradeMiners

What a peculiar name! Isn’t it?

GradeMiners was established to lend a hand to help local and international students struggling to write their academic papers. Within three years, they have grown their customer base to 20K and had 2000+ academic writers with expertise in 25+ subjects under their den. The best part about GradeMiners is that they have in-house Quality Assurance Department along with checking on Copyscape software. Their most significant breakthrough was when they launched a rush order service where the users could get the papers in just 6 hours. That is pretty ah-mazing! As of today, GradeMiners turned out to be a reliable marketplace for academic writing services by accepting 300+ orders a day in season.

Here is how it works.

  • Place your order: You need to fill out a form clearly specifying your details. They do all writing homework. From essays to research papers to case studies, GradeMiners is your one-stop destination for all writing needs. You can see the complete list of services on their website. Once you place your order and complete the payment, you will be redirected to say hi to your writer.
  • Meet your paper writer: The remarkable thing about GradeMiners is that all writers are humans. They are not using any artificial intelligence technology to frame out your paper like some writing companies. All the writers at GradeMiners know their subject in and out. They assure the writer is 100% aware of the requested topic. To give users papers they dream of, GradeMiners introduced the 1:1 approach to provide you precisely what you want.
  • Get your paper: You will receive your report within the given deadline with all your requirements.

Highlights about GradeMiners

  • In-house Editors and Proofreaders: GradeMiners claims to have an in-house team of proofreaders and editors. As soon as the paper writer finishes writing, the paper will be sent to an editor to ensure it meets all objectives. In case the user wants additional service, a corresponding specialist will perform it.
  • Unlimited Revisions: Yes! The users get 14-30 days of free unlimited revisions. If you have a complaint or modification, all you need is to inform the respective paper writer. At GradeMiners, it is a part of their service. You can tell the writer if certain parts of the essay need to be altered or details that would benefit from modification.
  • 100% safe: Their writing services are entirely safe and reliable. GradeMiners obeys all DMCA guideline. It is also highly guarded with current data encryption technologies. Any data you provide them during the process is safe and secure. Do not worry.
  • You will have your privacy: At GradeMiners, no third person such as your mentor, professor, or friend will know the whereabouts of the essay unless you voluntarily say so.
  • Excellent Customer Support: Do you know that they have a pretty customer support phone hotline, Facebook group, live chat, and messenger bot? They are at your service 24×7 in many ways. All you need to do is just say hello. They will take the lead.
  • Impressive 15% off on your essay: Yes! If you are new to GradeMiners, you will get an excellent Welcome Bonus. With this unique promo code, you can get 15% off on your first order as soon as you sign up.

4. 1Essay

The fastest and most reliable research paper writing services available in the market. is the solution for all your writing struggles. You will finally be done with that teacher who never stops criticizing. With exclusive coupons and discount codes, 1essay is turning out to be the best affordable essay writing service for students and working professionals as well.

Here is how it works:

  • Price: Unlike other writing services, the process begins with pricing. Upon selecting your type of service, type of assignment, academic level, deadline, and the number of pages, you will be asked to choose your writer. As of today, the service provider has three types of writers.
  • Standard: This writer has expertise in your subject and has proven to be an excellent academic writer.
  • Top Writer: This writer is also a professional academic writer but with a benchmark of completing 100 projects at When you choose to go with this writer, you have to pay an extra amount of 7.99$ per page.
  • ENL Writer: This is a professional native US or UK writer. When you choose to go with this writer, you must pay an extra amount of 8.99$ per page.
  • There are many additional services like a copy of resources, 1-page summary, priority support which has their price. You can get the complete information when you hop on the website.
  • Paper Details: The next step is to give the paper details. has a unique pattern of knowing your expectations regarding the discipline and academic style such as MLA, MPA, Harvard, etcetera. You can provide your paper title and the paper details in the text box or attach a file. At this step, you will be asked to check out with a detailed order. The users can pay either through PayPal, Credit Card, or bitpay.
  • Confirmation Details: Once you make the payment, you will get a confirmation email with your order specifics. You can now select your writer and work your way to get the paper done.

Highlights about

  • Delivery before the deadline: promises to deliver your paper or essay before the proposed deadline. But do not intentionally give earlier dates as it could mess up.
  • Proficient Writers and Editors: There is nothing like a pro writing your paper. is a team of professional masters’ and Ph.D. holders. When you book your essay from us, be convinced that it is in the hands of industry specialists.
  • Quality Check: You are always heard at 1essay. They have an exceptional quality assurance team that takes care of the quality end-to-end.
  • Rush projects: Whether you need the essay in 10 hours or ten days, is the place for you. They have writers available to assist you at any time. So, search no more. Your dream writer is here.
  • Writer Details: You will be provided with the writer’s details upon request. Although 1essay assure, the writer is authentic, professional, and bound to their work.

Overall, has a proven track record of 8+ years in the industry with a 90% rate of recurring clients. Contact them right away for premium quality papers.

5. Essaybox (

Claims themselves to be the most reliable essay writing service on the Web, Essaybox is a supreme quality research paper writing service provider. For worn-out students struggling to get an A for essays or students finding it difficult to write thesis papers, they are your solution.

Here is how it works:

  • Placing an order: It is relatively easy. You can either contact the Client Support Center via phone, drop an email, connect via live chat, or you can fill out the form. Once you send your paper details, customer support will contact you to find the writer you are looking for. During this step, you can share the formatting requirements, paper guidelines, tone of writing, whatever you think will help the team find the right person for you.
  • Pay for your order: The payment can be made only via online. Once we confirm your order and assign a dedicated writer, you are ready for the price. Essaybox accepts payments via Paypal, a reliable online payment gateway that ensures secure transactions, seller verification, etcetera, and through other bank cards as well.
  • Pay attention to your order: Once your request is filed, you will receive an email with your order details. Check whether you have provided the right paper type and correct deadline and inform the writer to start working on.

Highlights about

  • 100% original content: Essaybox guarantees that every piece is written from scratch. They abide by the policy of checking originality with licensed software for user satisfaction. No exceptions whatsoever.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: Users can request a refund if the paper does not reach their requirements. Of course, you would have to explain why and where you think the fault has occurred. If the reason seems
  • Convincing, Essaybox will consider you under Money Back Policy and do the needful.
  • 100% Legit Writers and Editors: Essaybox does not just hire a next-door writer. They carefully examine the portfolio, conduct a few tests, and then take them into the house as professional academic writers and editors. The process is the same for both ESL and ENL writers as we have no disparity.

How to find a trustworthy essay writing service in 2021?

Hands down! The best way is to ask around. Ask if anyone you know has used such a service before. But the thing is, people do not like to admit they need professional help. Therefore, they come online and sometimes fool themselves with so-called writing companies. To avoid these disturbances and give students a reliable resource, we will tell you how you choose essay writing services online at affordable prices, like from

Do the homework. Take your time to research. You can start with reviews, money-back policies, and how they work in general. The best service provider is transparent with its terms and conditions. If they fail to be upfront about money or satisfaction guarantees, we are sorry, but they are not your dream team.

Never go with the lowest price or best deal promotions. Remember, quality comes with a price.

Make a list of websites you are aware of and the ones you found in your research. Almost every service provider has integrated an instant calculator that derives the approximate price of the paper. So, enter your requirements and see what you get. Do the math and see if your condition matches the price they are expecting.

Almost every website today has email support and live chat. A trustworthy research paper writing services will be responsive. Try writing an email or start a conversation on the live chat. Make sure you know it is not a bot that is answering your queries. You need a personalized approach, and the response time should be less than 10 minutes even to consider.

The best paper writing services offer affordable prices, have pro writers in the team, and genuinely know what you are looking for. You are investing your time and money at the same time. So, make sure you are doing it right.

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