Great Business Stories Podcast: 1 Great Story in 1 Hour

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Great Business Stories Podcast: 1 Great Story in 1 Hour

For anyone who loves a great business story but doesn’t have the time to read every book, then the Great Business Stories podcast is a must.

On the 1st of every month a new episode is released where a great business story from the recent or distant past is thoroughly researched and brought to life by Caemin and Keith in each hour-long episode.

As co-founders of a successful business, Caemin and Keith have worked with each other for over 25 years and bring their business experience, but more importantly, their love and passion for business stories, to the podcast.

The following episodes give a good indication of the stories that are covered:

Ray Kroc: Hero or Villain? Uncovering the Truth Behind McDonald’s

In this episode Caemin and Keith dig deep into the story of Ray Kroc and how he and the McDonald brothers created the fast food revolution. 

While some people may be familiar with Ray Kroc and McDonalds from the excellent movie “The Founder” starring Michael Keaton, Caemin and Keith’s extensive research goes deeper and debunks some of the myths. 

They find out what Ray Kroc was really like, exploring his background and his character in greater detail. 

They also examine the life of the McDonald brothers and get to the bottom of whether or not Ray Kroc reneged on an agreement to pay the brothers a royalty commission on all sales going forward. 

The 1MDB Heist: How Jho Low & the Prime Minister Stole $4.5 Billion

This is the fascinating story of how Jho Low, a young Malaysian businessman, educated in Harrow, formed one of the most notorious and lucrative business partnerships (or criminal enterprises) with the Malaysian Prime Minister where they syphoned off a jaw dropping $4.5 billion.

It’s the story of how Jho Low and his friends spent their ill-gotten gains by splashing out on parties, multi-million dollar properties, jewellery, art as well as financing Hollywood movies- including an Oscar nominated film starring Leonardo DiCaprio.

And it’s the story of Malaysia and the endemic corruption that emanates from the very top- a prime minister who not only brazenly looted the national coffers but who is also the main suspect in the grisly murder of a young woman. 

Sip or Sink: The Story Behind New Coke’s Epic Fail

This is the story of how, in 1985, Coke’s superstar CEO, the man who could do no wrong, decided to replace the 100 year old Coke formula with a new sweeter tasting Coke. Caemin and Keith dig deep into the story and explain who was responsible for this decision and why there was such a massive backlash against it. 

The hosts also discuss how such a monumental mistake was made and what were the long term repercussions, if any.

Great Business Stories is a must for anyone who loves a great story with intriguing characters, high-stakes dramas, towering egos, late-night deals, and a dash of shady shenanigans.

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