Overcome Addiction by Understanding the Brain, According to Harvard Graduate Dr. Brian Ackerman

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Overcome Addiction by Understanding the Brain, According to Harvard Graduate Dr. Brian Ackerman

“In order for us to function optimally, we need our brain to function optimally.”

Providence, RI, USA – July 1, 2024 – Mindfulness is the idea that we can train ourselves to become witnesses to our internal thoughts in order to distinguish thoughts, feelings, and behaviors from our higher vs. lower selves. It teaches us to redirect our attention to the best part of our brain and mental functioning. Brian L. Ackerman, MD, has worked in psychiatry for over 50 years and has explored the benefits of mindfulness in his book: Me, Myself, and My Amygdala: A Mindfulness Guide to Sobriety & Well-Being.

In this lively book, illustrated with technical drawings, cartoons, and explanatory diagrams, he provides a highly accessible format that incorporates novel formulations of psychology, neurology, and clinical examples galore. – Thomas G. Gutheil, MD, Professor of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School

This book includes a thorough description of the parts of the brain and their functions, such as the prefrontal cortex and the amygdala, which are responsible for our higher and lower forms of mental processing. By understanding the different roles our brain plays, we can teach ourselves to direct our thoughts and behaviors towards that higher level of thinking in the prefrontal cortex.

The astute blend of Meditation and Mindfulness with anatomical medical discussions and wise metaphors in both words and graphics encourages complete understanding and participation in Dr. Ackerman’s healthy regime in treating substance abuse. – Grady Harp, Amazon Top 100 Hall of Fame Reviewer

When it comes to addiction and substance abuse, Dr. Ackerman has studied the mindfulness method to directly address self-injurious, self-harming, self-neglecting, and self-hating thoughts and feelings: “Mindfulness-based treatment teaches us that we can become aware of these self-injurious impulses and learn that they are coming from a really small part of our brain: our amygdala. The mission of mindfulness is to help us learn how to get our prefrontal cortex to become large and in charge!” By redirecting our thoughts, we can better assess the long-term effects of self-destructive behaviors and redirect ourselves to a healthier mindset.

Dr. Brian Ackerman’s book on addictive behaviors posits that we can learn not just to change our minds but also change our brains, and thereby be effective in reducing our suffering. – Sharon Salzberg, author of Loving Kindness and Real Happiness

Me, Myself, and My Amygdala is accessible to any reader, and it is accompanied by a multitude of pictures, charts, examples, and exercises. For those looking to overcome addictive behavior or just to create a healthier mindset, this book is filled with tips and tricks that come from a deep understanding of the psychiatric field.

Me, Myself, and My Amygdala: A Mindfulness Guide to Sobriety & Well-Being, ISBN 978-1952521508, Paperback $20.00, eBook $9.99, 146 pages, Stillwater River Publications, 2020. Available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

About Dr. Brian L. Ackerman

Dr. Ackerman is a Harvard Medical School Trained Psychiatrist who has been involved in clinical psychiatry for over 50 years. He served as the Psychiatric Medical Director of Phoenix House in Rhode Island as well as the Director of Meditation & Mindfulness Services & Training at Thrive Behavioral Health. He has taught Mindfulness Training Courses across the State of Rhode Island and is currently the Director of Meditation & Mindfulness Services & Training at Rhode Island Psychiatry and Counseling Associates in Cranston & Lincoln RI. He is a staff psychiatrist at AdCare, a RI substance treatment facility., and has a private practice in Providence. He is a founding member of the American Family Therapy Association, and he gave the Plenary Address at the International Congress of Family Therapy in Jerusalem in 1979. He was born in Hartford, Connecticut and currently resides in Rhode Island, and he is married with 3 children and 5 grandchildren.

For more information, visit https://www.ackermanpsychiatry.com.

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