What is thermally conductive double-sided tape?

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What is thermally conductive double-sided tape?

Introduction to the process principles and application characteristics of thermally conductive double-sided tape


Thermal conductive double-sided tape is also called thermally conductive tape. Thermal conductive double-sided tape is made of acrylic polymer mixed with thermally conductive ceramic powder, coated on both sides of glass fiber cloth, and compounded with silicone adhesive. It has high thermal conductivity and insulation properties, and has certain It has excellent softness, compressibility, conformability, strong stickiness, and can withstand a wide temperature range.


Consistent with the working principle of thermally conductive silica gel, thermally conductive double-sided tape is also filled on uneven surfaces, allowing the heat sink and heat source to fit tightly together, turning the original air heat conduction into the current thermal conductivity double-sided tape heat conduction. Thermal conductive double-sided tape is widely used in bonding heat sinks, heat dissipation modules, CPU microprocessor heat dissipation, LED lamp heat dissipation, filling the gaps between PCBs, metal components and chassis. In addition to filling uneven surfaces, it also To conduct heat away, it can be used even in a closed space without changing any components, which fully reflects the thermal conductivity of this thermal conductive material and the self-adhesiveness of the pressure-sensitive tape for easy use. Thermal conductive double-sided tape is simple and convenient to operate and has high work efficiency. When using it, you only need to peel off the release paper (peeling paper) on the surface of the thermally conductive double-sided tape, then stick the adhesive surface to the surface of the device and press it lightly to bond it immediately. . This eliminates the need for mechanical fixing and liquid adhesive solidification between electronic components and radiators. Thermal conductive double-sided tape can be divided into with and without base material according to different production materials. It can also be divided according to the composition of the base material, glue composition, etc. The main material components are classified as follows: 1. With base material and without base material; 2. Without base material, tissue paper, PET, foam, non-woven fabric, cloth; 3. Water-based acrylate, oil-based acrylate, solvent Type rubber, hot melt adhesive and silicone. Characteristics of thermally conductive double-sided tape


1. High thermal conductivity. Super heat transfer, heat conduction and heat dissipation functions. Thermal conductive double-sided tape has a thermal conductivity of 0.8-1.0W/m.k, which solves the problems of difficult to operate thermal paste, uneven application, and overflow causing defective products. 2. Anti-aging. The environment where thermally conductive double-sided tape works is generally high heat, high temperatures, large temperature changes, and rich in ultraviolet rays. Therefore, it is required that the thermally conductive tape must be able to withstand low temperatures (below -20°C), high temperatures (above +120°C), and at the same time be able to withstand UV radiation all year round. Working in various complex environments will not lead to a reduction in thermal conductivity. 3. Replace mechanical operations such as rivets. When traditional LED assembly is subject to human resource cost considerations, reducing processes and improving products become the only option for the LED industry. More and more LED companies are considering using thermally conductive double-sided tape to replace traditional mechanical operations such as rivets and screws. It not only plays a fixed role and role, but also gives full play to the role and function of thermally conductive double-sided tape. 4. Shock absorption function. Thermal conductive double-sided tape is foamed by fully injecting air into the acrylic (acrylic) base material, and has shock-proof and shock-absorbing functions.

Today, with the continuous research and development of high technology, the thermal conductive material industry also keeps pace with the times. In the electronics industry, thermally conductive double-sided tape plays a very important role. Since ordinary thermally conductive materials are difficult to conduct heat and bond well to important parts of electronics, thermally conductive double-sided tape completely solves this problem. ; Especially playing a major role in the electronics, LED lighting industry and LED TV fields.

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