How to Control The Size Deviation Of Silicone Parts In Production Process?

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How to Control The Size Deviation Of Silicone Parts In Production Process?

1. Increase the temperature of the mold during molding.

This is very important. It should be noted that the higher the temperature of the molding mold, the better its silicone raw material can be formed according to the molding mold due to the temperature. The fluidity of the raw material is also closely related to the grinding activity, and the fluidity of the raw material is relatively poor. The size of the formed product will not have any error relationship with the expected size.

2. Apply a force to the raw materials during the molding of silicone products.

By applying a moderate force, we can compress the silicone raw material to a fixed size. So in terms of forming pressure, it is necessary to have a reasonable control over a certain degree. For example, if the pressure is too high, the thickness becomes thinner, and the size also increases relatively. Otherwise, it is not the case.

3. The design of the mold itself.

The designed product is not rigorous and qualified, so no matter how the size is adjusted during production, some slight errors will be found. Because in mold making, it is important to pay attention to the rigor of the mold and ensure that there is no margin of error with the product size. Generally speaking, problems with the mold itself are relatively rare in the silicone product production industry, but we cannot rule out this reason.

4. In terms of silicone raw materials.

Sometimes we may add too much silicone raw material. If the amount of silicone raw material exceeds the volume or weight required for our product production, it is also easy to have errors in the molding of silicone products.

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