Mango AI Offers an AI Talking Photo Tool to Create Realisme Talking Images

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Mango AI Offers an AI Talking Photo Tool to Create Realisme Talking Images

Mango AI Offers an AI Talking Photo Tool to Create Realisme Talking Images
Mango AI’s AI talking photo feature enables users to breathe their photos into life.
Mango AI’s AI talking photo feature enables content creators to transform static images into dynamic, talking characters, to bring users’ photos to life and captivate their audience.

Immediately after Mango Animate announced an upgrade of Mango AI with a new feature, AI talking photo, the product received a lot of attention from content creators, mainly due to its disruptive features. 

The AI talking photo enables content creators to make videos from a static photo. Users only need to upload a photo and add text, and this tool will automatically generate a talking picture, which is a video. Therefore, users don’t need to hire presenters or voice actors to produce competitive video content. The exciting thing about this platform is its ease of use – users need no skills or experience in video production.

To make a talking photo, the user selects from the large pool of Mango AI avatars or uploads a frontal face photo from a computer. It could also be their own photo. Then, they enter the text and hit the “Create AI Video” button. The animated video is created instantly and is ready for download and use.

This product has many exciting features that capture users’ attention, including the wide range of voices and avatars from which to select. These features allow users to customize their videos to match their delivery needs. For example, if the user needs a woman’s face and voice, they have several options. 

In addition, these animated photos have a vast range of facial expressions, which makes the content more impactful. Depending on the needed delivery, the animated photo can speak and blink, give intense facial movement, or even have a natural facial movement. So, users can curate their content to achieve optimum delivery.

The availability of multiple languages is one of the reasons more content creators are using this tool. Users can make their videos using major languages such as English, Arabic, French, Greek, Spanish, Hindi, and others, which gives content creators a wider reach in terms of audience.

Synchronizing the voice and avatar’s lip movement is also popular with users. “The lip-sync feature is designed to give Mango AI animated videos more realism by matching the avatar lips movement with audio. This gives content consumers a more authentic experience, while content creators can make content that resonates and engages well with their target audience,” said Winston Zhang, CEO of Mango Animate.

For more information about the AI talking photo feature, please visit Mango AI.

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