How to maintain an artificial turf football field more easily

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How to maintain an artificial turf football field more easily

  Artificial turf is a very good product. At present, many football fields use artificial turf. The main reason is that artificial turf football fields are easier to maintain.


Artificial turf football field maintenance

1. Cooling

When the weather is hot in summer, the surface temperature of the artificial turf will be relatively high, which is indeed a bit uncomfortable for athletes who are still running and jumping on it. Football field maintenance personnel generally take the method of sprinkling water on the field to reduce the surface temperature, which is very effective. Sprinkling water to cool down should pay attention to the use of clean water sources, and spray evenly, the field can be moistened, and because the water evaporates quickly, it can be repeatedly sprinkled according to the specific situation.

2. Cleaning

If it is just floating dust, then natural rainwater can clean it. However, although artificial turf fields generally prohibit the throwing of debris, various garbage will inevitably be generated in actual use, so the maintenance of football fields must include regular cleaning. Lightweight garbage such as scraps of leather, paper, and fruit shells can be handled with a suitable vacuum cleaner. In addition, you can use a brush to remove excess garbage, but be careful not to affect the filling particles.

3. Snow removal

Generally, after snowfall, it will wait until it melts naturally into accumulated water and is discharged, without the need for special snow removal. But sometimes you will encounter a situation where the field must be used, then you must perform football field maintenance. Snow removal machines include rotating broom machines or snow blowers. It should be noted that only equipment with pneumatic tires can be used to remove snow, and it cannot stay in the field for a long time, otherwise it will damage the lawn.

4. Deicing

Similarly, when the field is frozen, wait for it to melt naturally, and deicing steps must be performed to use the field. Deicing requires crushing the ice with a roller, and then sweeping the broken ice directly. If the ice layer is too thick, it is necessary to use chemicals to melt it, and urea is recommended. However, the residue of the chemical agent will cause damage to the turf and the user, so the field must be rinsed with clean water as soon as possible when the situation permits.

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