Matrixport vs Exchanges: A Comparison of User Relationships in Business Model

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Matrixport vs Exchanges: A Comparison of User Relationships in Business Model

This article explores the fundamental differences in user relationships between assets service platforms in the crypto space. By comparing the business models of Matrixport, a service platform of crypto assets management and investment earnings, and crypto exchanges, we analyze the core differences in their relationships with users.

Over the past months, with the approval of Ethereum spot ETFs and the upcoming US elections, the crypto market has once again attracted widespread attention. Although the current market is in a downturn, it previously experienced a small bull market, with Bitcoin slightly breaking previous highs. While most people are familiar with exchange platforms such as Binance and Coinbase, there are outstanding crypto firms that deserve our attention.

In this article, we’ll introduce Matrixport, a crypto company recently valued at $11 billion and listed on the Hurun Global Unicorn Index 2024. The company was also recognized by CB Insights in 2022 as one of the 50 most promising blockchain and crypto companies in the world.

An Overview of Matrixport vs. Exchanges

As the world’s leading crypto asset management platform, Matrixport offers services such as lending, investment, earnings, and custody. Its business covers various user risk levels, suitable for most users looking to profit from cryptocurrency investments.

Founded in 2019 and headquartered in Singapore, Matrixport has offices in different countries and regions worldwide. Its founding team includes industry leaders such as Jihan Wu, co-founder of Bitmain. Despite its strong background, Matrixport has operated with a low-key style over the past five years, a rarity in the crypto field where many firms use high-profile operations to attract traffic. Instead, Matrixport focuses on improving product and service quality.

In contrast, most crypto users are already very familiar with exchange platforms, so we won’t elaborate further. However, the crypto asset management track where Matrixport excels is often overlooked. As a leading global and Asia’s largest crypto asset management platform, Matrixport offers all-in-one assets management solutions, distinguishing itself significantly from exchanges in terms of business model.

This article introduces the differences in business models between Matrixport and exchanges, analyzing their performance and fundamental differences in caring for users’ benefits, to determine which platform truly prioritizes user interests.

A Comprehensive Comparison: Matrixport vs. Exchanges

Major Items:



Crypto Exchanges

Business Model

Service fees from profits earned for users

Directly charging users’ trading fees

User Base

Traders, retail investors, institutional investors

Traders, gambler, institutional investors

Eco Niche

Earn for users – aligned interests community with users

Match tradings – independent interests community with users

Tech & Innovation

Trading integration, crypto financial products

High-frequency trading, algorithmic tools

Main Products & Features

Comprehensive crypto financial services – earnings, lending, investment, OTC, including:

  • Investment earnings (dual currency, custody, strategic investment portfolio, etc.)
  • Investment & financial services (fixed income, Balance+, staking, RWA, etc)
  • Asset trading (spot, leverage, contracts, derivatives, bots, etc.)
  • Financial & offline services (lending, OTC, API, structured products, etc.)
  • Market analysis & research

Trading services – spot, futures, derivatives, lending, OTC, including:

  • Spot trading (new cryptocurrency, IEO launchpad, etc.)
  • Futures & leverage trading (various futures, leverage, contracts, etc.)
  • Derivatives trading (options, structured products, etc.)
  • Financial & lending services (lending, staking, OTC, etc.)
  • Market analysis & research

The table above highlights the fundamental differences in business models between Matrixport and exchanges. Exchanges earn revenue directly from trading fees, meaning they profit regardless of whether users gain or lose money, leading to an independent interest relationship with users.

In contrast, Matrixport’s unique business model generates revenue by taking a percentage of the profits earned for users. This means Matrixport only profits when users make money, ensuring that the platform’s and users’ interests are always aligned.

Matrixport’s business model mandates that the platform’s fundamental mission is to ensure user profitability, a principle it adheres to in practice. This commitment is reflected in Matrixport’s sustained good track record over more than five years of stable operations.

Matrixport’s Development History and Advantages

Matrixport was founded in 2019, a time when most crypto firms were focusing on the category of exchange services. Matrixport chose the crypto assets management category, innovatively developing high-quality products like dual currency investments.

Over the past five years, Matrixport has witnessed market cycles, industry fluctuations, and the rise and fall of “competitor” platforms. For example, the 2021 FTX collapse triggered a chain reaction that led to the closure of many crypto assets management platforms. However, Matrixport has consistently adhered to its mission of making users earn, maintaining strict asset risk control, and upholding a solid track record.

In the rapidly changing crypto field, a firm that has operated stably for over five years demonstrates significant reliability and credibility. Matrixport is now entering its sixth year and has obtained licenses such as the Hong Kong Trust or Company Service Provider(TCSP) & Money Lender License, an Appointed Representative (AR) in the UK. It is also registered as a Money Services Business (MSB) in the US and a member of Switzerland’s FINMA SRO-VFQ, further validating its compliance and reliability.

Today, Matrixport has grown into the world’s leading crypto financial services hub, offering a wide range of products and services to users in multiple countries and regions. The platform seamlessly connects with major exchange trading services (supporting Binance and OKX at the moment), lending, investment, and other crypto assets management services. Matrixport currently manages and oversees assets exceeding $10 billion, with monthly trading volumes surpassing $5 billion.

Matrixport’s Core Mission: Prioritizing User Benefits

Matrixport’s official channels indicate that the platform is committed to building an entry-grade crypto assets ecosystem, providing cryptocurrency users with a super account integrating assets trading, investment, OTC trading, research and more features. Through diverse products and professional services, Matrixport helps users achieve continuous earning from their crypto investments, meaning assets growth in values.

As mentioned earlier, Matrixport’s business model fundamentally differs from that of exchanges. While exchanges mainly profit from user trading fees, Matrixport generates revenue by taking a percentage of the profits earned for users. This model ensures that the platform and users form a true community of shared interests, requiring Matrixport to prioritize user profitability consistently. This is the most fundamental distinction between Matrixport and exchanges.

Recently, Matrixport’s market presence has significantly increased, including product development, App upgrading, and brand enhancements. These initiatives demonstrate Matrixport’s ongoing commitment to expanding its user base and maintaining its user-first philosophy. As a company founded by industry leaders and operating stably for nearly six years, Matrixport brings new hope to crypto users. Recent crypto market crashes have hurt retail investors, and Matrixport’s stable operations and user-centric philosophy are exactly what the market needs.

Let’s look forward to more progress from Matrixport and anticipate that this crypto unicorn will continue to bring more surprises to the industry and users.

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