Explore Themes of Friendship, Faith, and Feminist Spirituality: Idylls of the Collar

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Explore Themes of Friendship, Faith, and Feminist Spirituality: Idylls of the Collar

Explore Themes of Friendship, Faith, and Feminist Spirituality: Idylls of the Collar

Mary Sheeran is happy to announce the release of her latest novel, Idylls of the Collar, a compelling exploration of friendship, faith, and the complexities of feminist spirituality within the church.

Readers are introduced to Janene Shannon and Meg Madigan in this thought-provoking story of two women who meet in a seminary class. Janene, a writer who is deeply interested in feminist spirituality, is auditing the class with the intention of gaining a fresh perspective on the Old Testament. Meg, an ex-Catholic nun, is pursuing ordination in the Episcopal church as part of a life-changing journey. A major theme of the novel is her commitment to her new faith and the difficulties she encounters while undergoing the ordination process. The two women’s lives are irrevocably altered by the deep connection that is sparked by this chance encounter.

This compelling story follows Janene’s steadfast support of Meg through the challenges of ordination. However, as their relationship grows stronger, Janene starts to wonder about her own call to the priesthood. The politics inside the church and outside influences exacerbate this internal strife even further. Unexpected conflicts emerge when Meg fulfills her desire to become an ordained priest, but her changing behavior both mystifies Janene and endangers their friendship.

Idylls of the Collar by Mary Sheeranperfectly explores the complex dynamics of friendship and emphasizes how relationships are impacted by both institutional obstacles and individual goals. With unvarnished honesty, Janene’s battle with resentment and disillusionment conveys the mental anguish of someone torn between standing by a friend and battling her own spiritual uncertainties.

The story’s turning point, in which Janene must choose whether to resist the forces endangering her spiritual path or, in the end, whether she can forgive herself, is both heartbreaking and inspirational. Idylls of the Collar reflects on the more general problems of gender and spirituality inside religious institutions rather than only being a story of two people’s personal beliefs.

The story offers readers a profoundly poignant and thought-provoking experience through its intricate character development and sophisticated depiction of feminist spirituality. Readers interested in modern religious topics, feminist spirituality, and the intricacies of interpersonal relationships will find great pleasure in the narrative that Mary Sheeran has skillfully written.

If you are someone looking for an unforgettable read, Idylls of the Collar by Mary Sheeranis a treat for you. Don’t miss the chance to order your copy from Amazon or Barnes and Noble  – or your local bookstore – today.

About the Author:

Mary Sheeran is an award-winning author (A Dangerous Liberty, Banished From Memory) whose other novels include Quest of the Sleeping Princess, set in the ballet world, and Who Have the Power, a historical novel about the effects of the Comstock Lode mining on the Native tribes of Nevada. When not writing or editing, she’s been singing in cabarets, concerts, operas, musicals, and churches. She holds a bachelor’s degree in history, humanistic studies, and theater from Saint Mary’s College (Notre Dame, Indiana) and a Master of Divinity degree from New York Theological Seminary. She lives in New York City.

Book Name: Idylls of the Collar

Author Name: Mary Sheeran

ISBN Number: 1636830676

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