Pioneering Indiegogo-Funded Lodge Unveils Its First Unit in Washington State

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Pioneering Indiegogo-Funded Lodge Unveils Its First Unit in Washington State

Following a triumphant fundraising campaign on Indiegogo, Oculis Lodge is delighted to announce the grand opening of its inaugural unit and the commencement of its second development phase. This significant milestone is a testament to the unwavering support of its backers, who will soon experience the lodge’s futuristic accommodations firsthand.

Specifically designed for short-term rentals, Oculis domes are setting a new standard in luxury hospitality with their distinctive features. Each dome is highlighted by a breathtaking 15-foot skylight, offering guests an extraordinary view of the sky and stars. These innovative structures also boast premium amenities, including saunas, jacuzzis, and all the comforts necessary for an extended stay.

“Despite facing numerous delays, we are immensely proud to announce the successful completion of our first unit,” said Youri Benoiston, founder of Oculis Lodge. “We are deeply grateful for the support of our backers and are excited to move forward with the next phase of development, eagerly anticipating the arrival of our first guests.”

Washington state, however, poses challenges for reward crowdfunding due to its less favorable regulatory environment. To support innovation and entrepreneurship, Washington needs to implement policies and initiatives that welcome and encourage founders. This includes providing clearer regulations, offering support and resources, and creating a more conducive environment for reward crowdfunding to thrive.

In the upcoming phase, Oculis plans to construct additional units on their current land in Glacier, WA. Beyond its accommodation offerings, Oculis is now extending its construction services to individuals and businesses interested in building their own units or lodges. Leveraging its expertise and experience, Oculis aims to assist clients in creating bespoke spaces tailored for private or short-term rental use.

In the coming months, Oculis will focus on raising awareness for its project, building a strong team, and attracting interest from potential investors. This initiative is set to pave the way for Oculis to grow into a successful franchise. With over 20,000 potential reservations and hundreds of prospective buyers for its units, Oculis is poised for significant growth and expansion.

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