Revolutionary Pool Cleaning Technology Geoguru Full-Pool Mapping and Planning Navigation System

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Revolutionary Pool Cleaning Technology Geoguru Full-Pool Mapping and Planning Navigation System

Globally, the number of private pools has surpassed 26 million, with an annual increase of 500,000 to 700,000. This vast number of pools has created significant cleaning demands. Despite nearly 40 years of history in the pool cleaning robot industry, the market has few players and is highly concentrated. According to public data, in 2021, the top three companies held 48%, 25%, and 14% of the global market share for private pool cleaning robots. However, these traditional brands have seen no breakthrough innovations in product features for over 20 years.

Future trends in pool robot development focus mainly on four aspects: intelligence, mobility, cleaning power, and ease of use. Existing products have significantly improved in ease of use and cleaning power, but there is still considerable room for improvement in intelligent perception and automated cleaning.

Since the launch of the SUBLUE BlueNexus intelligent cordless pool cleaning robot, it has quickly set a new benchmark in the industry with cutting-edge artificial intelligence algorithms and path planning technology, leading the revolution in pool cleaning methods.

As the world’s first cordless pool cleaning robot to truly achieve mapping before path planning, BlueNexus owes its success to its core technology—Geoguru. This article will detail how BlueNexus achieves outstanding, meticulous cleaning results.

Intelligent Mapping and Precise Navigation

Geoguru, the Full Pool Mapping and Navigation System, integrates ultrasound and infrared laser sensors. With centimeter-level precision, BlueNexus performs comprehensive, 3D scanning and mapping of the pool, leaving no blind spots. This process requires no manual intervention and accurately reproduces every detail of the pool, including its shape, size, and the positions of various obstacles, ensuring efficient cleaning.

Path Planning for Optimal Cleaning

Once mapping is complete, BlueNexus utilizes SUBLUE’s proprietary WSLAM (Underwater Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) for intelligent path planning. This algorithm dynamically generates optimal spiral cleaning paths based on the actual conditions of the pool. This approach not only ensures thorough and comprehensive cleaning but also significantly improves cleaning efficiency by reducing redundant paths and unnecessary movements, conserving battery power for subsequent cleaning cycles.

Active Recognition and Flexible Control

Powered by AI algorithms, BlueNexus possesses robust learning and adaptation capabilities. It can intelligently adjust cleaning strategies according to the actual pool environment, such as automatically identifying and avoiding steps, columns, and other obstacles to ensure safe and smooth cleaning operations. Moreover, the coordinated operation of multiple sensors enables BlueNexus to precisely control its body posture, achieving early deceleration and accurate turning to prevent unnecessary damage to the pool.

Powerful Computing and Energy Efficiency

BlueNexus is equipped with high-performance main control chips and 256Mb DDR high-performance memory, ensuring seamless execution of complex computing tasks. This robust hardware configuration not only guarantees rapid and accurate path planning but also significantly enhances the overall response speed and stability of the robot while reducing energy consumption.

The powerful Geoguru Full Pool Mapping and Navigation System has revolutionized pool cleaning technology, making “cordless, truly intelligent, and efficient without omission” cleaning experiences possible. BlueNexus has become not only the ideal choice for consumers and a pioneering choice in pool life but also drives continuous advancement towards higher levels of intelligence in the pool cleaning robot industry.

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