New book “Aloha and the Gospel” by Steven L Chace is released, a brief history of Christianity and culture shift in early 19th century Hawaii

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New book “Aloha and the Gospel” by Steven L Chace is released, a brief history of Christianity and culture shift in early 19th century Hawaii

New book "Aloha and the Gospel" by Steven L Chace is released, a brief history of Christianity and culture shift in early 19th century Hawaii

“Aloha and the Gospel” by Steven L Chace has been released worldwide. This 52-page book examines a historical turning point for the Hawaiian islands in the late 1700s and early 1800s, when British naval ships returned to Hawaii and became involved with the native population. Beginning with the arrival of Captain George Vancouver in 1792, Chace reviews the integration of British and Hawaiian cultures, from attempts to reduce conflict among warring chiefs to Honolulu’s first Christian church service, through the Kauai uprising of 1824 and King Liholiho’s visit to London (and subsequent death from a measles outbreak).

With detailed accounts that include names of key players among Hawaiian royalty and British officers, the ships they sailed, and direct quotes from the people who lived through these experiences, the book illuminates a period of dramatic change that would shape the future of Hawaii for centuries.

After the European world’s discovery of the islands, King Kamehameha’s concern for protecting Hawaiian sovereignty and resources led to agreements with English royalty, paving the road for Christian influence and ultimately, American presence. Through battles among native leaders, including forces armed by Western supplies and financed by the sandalwood trade, the cultural and political landscape of Hawaii changed drastically over the early 19th century.

As European and Hawaiian cultures became further intertwined, belief systems evolved to incorporate biblical teachings and organizations, ushering in a new era of Hawaiian Christianity that still exists today.

Inspired by his own experiences at a small church in Hawaii and drawing valuable information from the memoirs of Hiram Bingham, the author provides a fascinating look into a part of American and Christian history that many people are unfamiliar with. Chace’s balance of density and brevity allows readers to gain detailed insight into this revolutionary period in a relatively short read, and prompts further study of Hawaiian history, the origins of Hawaiian Christianity, and the transformation of the islands from a hidden gem in the Pacific to the bustling hub of world travel it is today.

An excellent read for history buffs, Christians, and anyone interested in the intersection of native and European cultures, Steven L Chace’s engaging narrative provides a new perspective on the influence of Christianity in the Hawaiian islands.

Aloha and the Gospel (ISBN: 9781961532229) can be purchased through retailers worldwide, including Barnes and Noble and Amazon. The paperback retails for $12.99, and the ebook retails for $4.99. Review copies and interviews are available upon request.

From the back cover:

What happened in Hawaii in the wake of ships arriving at the end of the eighteenth century and the beginning of the nineteenth. Who were the key actors in the revolution of Hawaiian life. This book relies on those who were there to tell that story.

About the author:

Steven Chace was born in Fort Lee Virginia. His father learned land surveying in the army and parents Al and Joanne settled in Toms River New Jersey. After graduating from high school, Steve worked in Alaska in fisheries, Forest Service, and Experimental farm at the University of Alaska. Steve visited Hawaii and was invited to a small Christian church on Oahu called the “House of Prayer.” The service began with the ukulele, and the Hawaiian Christians gave him a flower lei on his departure. Steve worked in the surveying and construction industry but always enjoyed an adventurous story based in history. This is his first book.

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