TELF AG presents: A new application in the App Store and Google Play

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TELF AG presents: A new application in the App Store and Google Play

We are pleased to announce the release of a new version of the exciting mobile game from TELF AG. This version will allow you to further optimize your business and resource management! The updated game comes with many exciting features and improvements that are sure to enhance your gaming experience. The new version is now available in the App Store and Google Play. TELF AG offers you new unique challenges and entertainment that you have never seen before.

TELF AG: take control and succeed in your business

AG transports players into an immersive environment where business is automated down to the smallest detail, turning them into ambitious entrepreneurs. Starting from scratch, players learn to create and grow their corporation, effectively coordinating resources, personnel and operational processes. The game provides a unique educational experience, allowing you to make strategic decisions and enjoy exciting gameplay.

Latest updates from TELF AG: what’s new?

Current changes in game balance. New changes to the game balance have improved the transparency of sales and income. We have revised the pricing policy for the sale of resources and investments in the modernization of enterprises and mining equipment, in order to achieve a more balanced and understandable system.

Game quests.This update adds many unique quests, such as Ore Extraction and General Expenditures, available for players to unlock.

To unlock them, players must meet certain income and spending requirements, which bring new levels of interaction and rewards.

Acquisition and improvement of housing.Now players from TELF AG can purchase and improve their own housing. Each subsequent update expands opportunities for professional and personal development, giving the game more dynamics and personalization.

Business transformation: from office to metropolis with TELF AG

Office management: Immerse yourself in the world of integrated office management, where each employee plays a key role, and analytics become even more detailed and understandable. Streamline tasks, develop employee skills and improve processes using TELF AG’s improved resource trading system.

Exciting mini-challenges: Plunge yourself into a variety of mini-games, including a quiz where you will discover 50 interesting facts about TELF AG and mobile resources.

Daily challenges.With TELF AG, be prepared for everyday difficulties. Solving business problems will require effort to open new locations and increase your gaming level.

Chromium mining.A recent update also added the ability to mine chromium. Did you know that this element is widely used in the automotive industry? TELF AG will show you how chrome is used in auto repair shops.

Active lessons and interactive learning. Explore the game’s balances with an interactive guide. Complete daily tasks and reach new heights.

Download now! Plunge into the renewed world of TELF AG and enjoy the exciting atmosphere of business automation and urban development.

Stay with us as we are constantly improving TELF AG, striving to make it an ideal platform for developing effective business strategies and resource management.

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