Chana Chiesa Honored with the Alice Hurst ‘Visionary’ Award

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Chana Chiesa Honored with the Alice Hurst ‘Visionary’ Award

Chana Chiesa Honored with the Alice Hurst 'Visionary' Award

Chana Chiesa, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Chana Chiesa has been awarded the prestigious Alice Hurst “Visionary” Award for her exceptional leadership, compassion, and academic excellence in the field of Human Development. This award highlights her significant contributions to both the academic community and society at large.

About the Alice Hurst ‘Visionary’ Award

The Alice Hurst “Visionary” Award is given to graduates who demonstrate outstanding scholarship and community engagement. Named after Alice Hurst, who promoted adult literacy and served in the Peace Corps post-retirement, the award recognizes individuals who exhibit leadership, compassion, scholarship, determination, and vision.

Chana’s Achievements

Chana Chiesa graduated magna cum laude from California State University, Long Beach, with a Bachelor’s degree in Human Development. She was an active member of the Human Development Honor’s Society and the President’s Honor’s Society. Chana’s involvement in research projects, like the Iranian Street Kids Resilience Project, and her leadership roles in community service, such as with the WECAN Coalition and the Children’s Needs Task Force in Huntington Beach, exemplify her dedication to applying academic knowledge to real-world challenges.

Recognizing Excellence

Karen Sirota, PhD, LCSW, noted, “Chana’s academic achievements and her compassionate contributions exemplify the essence of the Alice Hurst award. She has demonstrated determination, leadership, and poise in transforming obstacles into stepping stones.”

Inspiring Future Scholars

Chana’s journey is a model for future Human Development scholars, showing how education can be a powerful tool for social change. Her integration of service into her academic pursuits underscores the importance of community engagement in scholarship.

About Chana Chiesa

Chana Chiesa is a distinguished graduate of California State University, Long Beach, recognized for her significant contributions to academic research and community service.

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