AAPEX SHOW – Las Vegas International Auto Parts and Aftermarket Show

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AAPEX SHOW – Las Vegas International Auto Parts and Aftermarket Show

Basic information of the exhibition

Exhibition time: November 5-7, 2024

Exhibition location: THE VENETIAN EXPO, Las Vegas, USA

Exhibition cycle: once a year

First time: 1969

Exhibition area: 438,000 square feet

Exhibitors: 2,500

Number of visitors: 64,007, of which 46,619 are professional buyers



1. Parts and components: driving system, chassis, body, standard parts, car interior, car exterior, charging accessories, remanufactured parts, external air quality and exhaust treatment, new materials2. Electronics and intelligent networking: motors and electrical appliances, vehicle lighting, electronic systems, comfort electronics, human-machine interface (HMI), intelligent networking, Internet of Things

3. Supplies and modifications: decoration, on-board supplies, customized modifications, interior and exterior modifications, communications and entertainment, automotive information technology, special vehicle assembly and modification, passenger cars, small multi-purpose vehicles, trailers and accessories, other modification-related products

4. Diagnosis and repair: repair and maintenance equipment, tools, digital maintenance, automotive diagnostic instruments, customized and special vehicle maintenance and repair, trailer equipment, new energy vehicle maintenance equipment, fastening and bonding solutions, waste treatment and recycling, workshop safety and optimization, repair station and distribution point equipment and management, lubricants and lubricants, fluid technology, repair station concept

5. Dealers and repair station management: repair station/car dealer/ Gas station design and construction, dealer marketing and service management, digital marketing, customer data management, network platform, e-commerce and mobile payment, vocational training and advanced training, skills development, maintenance station and car dealer marketing, online trading platform and car/parts/service trading market, automobile trade, research, consulting, industry cluster promotion

6. Car cleaning and maintenance: car cleaning, car maintenance, vehicle renovation and modification, water recycling, water treatment, gas station equipment

7. Alternative energy and fuel: energy storage, alternative fuels, supporting products, electric vehicle related concepts, rare metals, charging and refueling technology systems, new maintenance station technology

8. Tire and wheel: tires, wheel rims, tire repair and processing, used tires, tire management system, tire sales and storage equipment, tire wheel accessories and warehousing

9. Car body and spraying: car body repair, painting and anti-corrosion protection, painting, sheet metal, plastic parts, windows, headlights, rims, new materials

10. Mobile services and autonomous driving: mobile services, autonomous driving, fleet management/leasing/corporate vehicles


Exhibition Overview:

1. AAPEX was founded in 1969 and is held annually. 2024 is the 55th.

2. AAPEX is the abbreviation of The Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo.

3. AAPEX is the world’s largest professional exhibition for automotive manufacturing trade and automotive aftermarket services.

4. AAPEX is supported by the U.S. Department of Commerce.

5. AAPEX can reach buyers from all over the world that are almost impossible to reach at other exhibitions.

6. AAPEX represents the $395 billion global automotive aftermarket.

7. In 2023, AAPEX attracted 46,619 professional buyers from more than 130 countries, of which 10,701 professional buyers were from countries outside the United States. 2,500 exhibitors, 24% of which were first-time exhibitors, and 1,295 product categories were exhibited. 89% of exhibitors said they would participate in AAPEX2024, and 78% of exhibitors reached or even exceeded their exhibition targets.

Market Background:

The North American market is the world’s largest auto parts demand market. The market capacity of auto parts products in the United States alone is 60 billion US dollars, more than half of which rely on imports. In addition, automobile bearings, axles, and hydraulic parts are still advantageous products in the North American market, with huge development potential. According to statistics, the annual sales volume of the US market accounts for one-sixth of the global market. The size of the US auto parts market is astonishing. For example, according to the current number of cars in the United States, Americans currently change oil and perform routine maintenance once every 5,000 miles (8,000 kilometers). If this mileage is reduced to an average of 4,900 miles, the market capacity can be increased by 65 million US dollars per year. The US auto aftermarket has a history of nearly 100 years, from the initial car washing and waxing to today’s satellite navigation and performance modification. During this period, various new products and new technologies have emerged in an endless stream, giving birth to the wealth miracle of thousands of Americans, and also doomed a batch of companies whose business models cannot adapt to market changes to exit the stage of history.

The United States is the number one automobile country and a rich country. Most families have an annual income of more than $30,000, while the average new car on the market is generally priced at around $20,000. After the economic crisis, the United States still maintains its position as the world’s number one automobile sales. In the United States, auto parts suppliers, auto parts sellers and auto repair service providers have formed an industrial chain, and car owners can choose auto repair services in many ways. Car owners can choose a suitable manufacturer based on their hobbies, the degree of damage to the car and the items that need to be repaired. If you are willing to spend more money to buy peace of mind, car owners can go to the original factory to repair parts; if you want to save money, you can go to some small stores, where a considerable part of their parts are imported from Asia, and many of them are made in China.

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