Ymin Capacitor: The Stable Choice For Electric Power Steering (EPS) Systems In Automobiles

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Ymin Capacitor: The Stable Choice For Electric Power Steering (EPS) Systems In Automobiles

With the increasing demand for environmental friendliness, energy efficiency, and safety in automobiles, Electric Power Steering (EPS) is gradually replacing hydraulic power steering systems due to its numerous absolute technical advantages.

EPS Working Principle

The basic principle of EPS is to connect the torque sensor to the steering shaft. When the steering shaft operates, the torque sensor starts working, converting the relative steering angle displacement between the input shaft and the output shaft under the action of the torsion bar into an electrical signal, which is then transmitted to the ECU. The electronic control unit determines the motor’s rotation direction and the amount of assist current based on signals from the vehicle speed sensor and the torque sensor, thus enabling real-time control of power steering.

In automotive steering systems, aluminum electrolytic capacitors play roles in filtering, energy storage, and buffering, enhancing the stability and reliability of the power supply to ensure the normal operation of the steering system. Additionally, aluminum electrolytic capacitors have high voltage and temperature resistance, allowing them to withstand harsh environmental conditions and ensuring the safety and stability of the automotive power steering system.

Capacitor Selection and Advantages


YMIN Capacitors Ensure Stable Operation of Power Steering Systems

YMIN hybrid aluminum electrolytic capacitors feature a small size with high capacity, low ESR, high ripple current resistance, low leakage, and stable performance across a wide frequency and temperature range, ensuring the stable operation of electric power steering systems.

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